SpoonRing 1.0

Assign different songs to each of your contacts


  • Apply MP3s as tones
  • Support for images
  • Change interface colour scheme


  • Would've been nice to see some more built-in tones

Very good

If you're starting to get a bit bored of the sound of your mobile ringing all the time then why not spice things up by personalising the ringtones. Not only will it save you from hearing the same tone all day long, but it will help you identify who is calling before you even look at your device.

SpoonRing is a contact manager with all the functions necessary to assign different songs to each of your contacts. The free app gives you the ability to access and view all the contacts stored in your agenda or filter them using a series of different rules.

Once you've called them, you can edit each contact, assigning a picture that will appear as a thumbnail when they call, and applying a melody or MP3 as a ringtone so that whenever that person rings you, the tone will play and the image will appear on your Pocket PC screen.

There are a few more personalisation options locked within the application, such as the ability to change the colour of the interface. Everything is remarkably easy to configure and any changes you apply will instantly come into effect.

This makes SpoonRing a fantastic tool for adding some variety to your phone's ringtone.

The SpoonRing is a simple and useful contacts manager that lets you set a personal ringtones for each contact. With a couple of clicks you can set a different ringtone to your friends, family, co-workers and more. To ease the process SpoonRing also supports copy and paste so that setting the ringtones will be simple and friendly.


  • Friendly contacts list including the contacts pictures
  • Friendly filter for easy access to specific contacts
  • Ability to set an individual ringtone to each contact
  • Copy/paste
  • Add, update or delete contacts from the list



SpoonRing 1.0

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